CA Midterms 2010: An Introduction
October 6th, 2010 by defselektor

Unless you live under a rock, you’ve probably heard that there’s an election coming up in November and that it’s a very important one. So important, in fact, that it’s broken records for how much money has already been spent both by those running for office as well as third parties seeking to influence the results, with totals rivaling and potentially surpassing a Presidential election.

Why all the hubbub? Well, there’s a sense among folks that these are desperate times, and indeed they may be – persistent unemployment, record low faith in government, a worsening deficit and a worn-thin patience for much “change” in the short term. In addition, the recent Citizens United Supreme Court decision has allowed the floodgates to open in terms of unlimited corporate spending by both named and, perhaps most controversially, anonymous donors.

In the following weeks, I’ll be adding posts outlining my advice on how to vote on the various important offices and propositions on the California ballot. Be warned, I will be endorsing progressive candidates and causes, so consider this first post to be the only fully neutral one of the bunch. Rest assured I will be doing my research and hope to at least paint an accurate picture of both sides of the issues and candidates.

So educate yourself! Here are some dates and links to get you started.

  2. Anyone, even you, can vote by mail. Get the vote-by-mail application HERE (.pdf) THE DEADLINE TO APPLY IS OCTOBER 26th. Do it today!
  3. Read the candidate statements and learn what propositions will be on the ballot starting HERE. You can also download the entire guide HERE (.pdf).
  4. Election day is November 2nd. Be there or be square.

*Yes, I DO think it’s important to vote. It’s the only way we regularly have the privilege of contributing to and shaping our communities, culture and economy through the democratic system of government. We have to argue and compromise, but therein hopefully lies its strength – that the result is either the will of the people’s vision or the vision of people with will.

This article is part of the CA Midterms 2010 series.

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  • peter writes:
    October 8th, 201012:01 pmat

    Legalize it already will you Cali! Do it for the rest of us.

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